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What are the requirements?
  • Good communication skills in English
  • Computer and fast Internet connection
  • At least 30 hours to spend per week

Is it really free?

Yes. We don't ask you to pay for LiveCoding Web Development Bootcamp. But, you will need to buy your own online courses sometimes. The total cost will not be more than 50 euros in total for seven months.

However, we may ask you to consider making a donation after you got your first job. The donation is not for us, it's for the future students. That is 100% optional and we will not insist in case you don't want.

How long does it take?

LiveCoding is for seven months in total.

When can I start?

Application season for May 2019 Bootcamp is over. You can apply right now for the upcoming LiveCoding Bootcamp!

What are the opportunities after LiveCoding?

Our curriculum always targets the need in the market. If you finish LiveCoding successfully, we are definitely sure you will get employed without any problem!
We will make sure during the program, you are developing your soft skills beside technical skills and you are preparing yourself to the market!

What about the learning process?

You will have always good videos with a clear explanation about almost everything. Our program will be mainly focused on peer to peer learning. Because we strongly believe the best way to improve your knowledge is by teaching it to others. If you can explain something, that means you understood it.

That's why you will help each other and communicate every day in your Slack channel. Besides, you will always have a chance to ask questions to the mentors.

But we will always encourage you to find the solution yourself, if you cant, ask your colleagues. The reason for that is we want to teach you fishing at LiveCoding, instead of giving you a fish every day. So you can survive after the course and learn whatever you want without needing help. Because this is what we do every day as a programmer.

Every week you will have three sessions with mentors, two of them during the weekdays and one of them during the weekend.

How is one week at LiveCoding?
  • LiveCoding Day: The first day of the learning process. You have online sessions with your teammates. It will be whether Saturday or Sunday. The LiveCoding day is usually between 10.00 and 15.00.
  • Weekdays: you have two sessions with mentors and each will take around two hours beside video lessons to follow, and assignments to do.
  • If you have any question? You ask through our Slack Channel. If you have answers for questions asked by your teammates, you answer them.

What we are going to do in the LiveCoding day?
  • We are all connected to a video conference
  • We go through the topics from last week and check assignments
  • LiveCoding session, mentor creates an application with you and you code along with mentor
  • We make sure everything is clear and you can move forward
  • We check what are we going to learn next week
  • We get our new assignment for the following week

What about commitment?

To be honest, we are very strict on commitment and assignments. We don't want to waste time and opportunity.
You have to finish assignments before deadlines and attend to the LiveCoding day if you don't have a reasonable excuse. Unfortunately, the discontinuity may result in the termination of your education.

What skills will I have at the end of the LiveCoding Bootcamp?

You will be able to create Full Stack Web Applications with Front-End and Back-End. For example, you will able to create websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Will I get a Certificate?

Yes, you will get a LiveCoding Certificate at the end of the course after your final project.

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